Some Say....



"Some say he was alive at the time of dinosaurs and that it was his helmet which caused them to become extinct. All ee know is he’s called the stig"


"Some say he brainwashed us all so we would forget that we saw his face, others say his name isn’t even the stig. We call him the stig."


"Some say that he eats soup with a fork and his sweat tastes like Diesel all we know is that he's called the stig"


"Some say that he keeps food in his bank account, and that he was born 37 years in the future. All we know is, he’s called the Stig"


"Some say he has won the lottery without buying a ticket, and that he can win a marathon while walking. All we know is, he’s called the Stig"


"Some say he has a portrait of himself holding a portrait of himself holding a portrait of himself…all we know is,he’s called The Stig"


"Some say…that he is under contract with several F-1 teams, to provide them with his urine, which is 100% Castrol GTX…And that his favorite deodorant is a Little-Tree air freshener…All we know is he’s called The Stig!"


"Some say that he invented the circle"


"some say he is the baby jesus"


"some say he is the only one who rides the sleigh of santa, santa just chills out at the back"


"some say you have to charge him overnight"


"some say he can lick his own eyebrows"


"some say he likes his petrol shaken, not stirred"


"some say when the stig gets pulled over, he writes the officer a ticket for slowing him down" 


 "some say he was the banker on Deal or no Deal"



"some say his shadow resembles a car" Logo Logo Logo Logo


We offer a full range of valet options for all types of vehicles. Our friendly, helpful fully trained staff take great pride in providing an excellent customer service working to a high professional standard.







Commercial Vehicles/large 4x4 as above plus £4

Caravans from £15


For vehicle servicing - MOT Preperation and repairs please contact us 



Top Gear Extras - from 


Seat Clean



Leather Treatment£30         
Carpet Shampoo£30
Interior Roof Lining£20    
Canvas Roof Clean£30
Tar Removal£30
Ceramic coating  £250

Claying with Carnauba Wax - To get the ultimate showroom shine and protection we first need to clean your vehicles paintwork, removing contaminents such as traffic film, brake dust, tar, bird droppings and tree sap, to do this correctly it needs more than soap and water. We clay your vehicle using a clay bar, this is a fine compound clay that bonds with grime on you vehicle preparing your paintwork for a layer of protective carnauba wax resulting in an ultimate 



Detailing available - prices given on inspection 



Relax in our customer waiting room where hot/cold drinks, snacks and magazines are available.




Company Accounts - We understand that time is money for our business clients, so why not open a company account with us today. We offer a reliable, flexible, convenient service and could even pick up and drop off your vehicles from your work place free of charge for your convenience if required. We invoice your company on a monthly basis and all that is required from your staff  when they leave is a signature. 



Pick up Service - We understand that people have busy lifestyles nowadays, so why not use our insured collection and delivery service for just £1, ideal if your busy at work, we will collect and wash/valet your vehicle and return it to you in pristine condition for a specified time  -  we can collect keys from reception/security areas if required or even collect from your home.




Gift Vouchers - The ideal Gift for any occasion!  Available for Clarksons (mini valet) and Stig (full valet) if required for any other service please just ask!