Some Say....



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"Some say he wears a white racing suit because his dad was a milkman" Logo Logo Logo Logo


Top Gear Car Wash and Valeting Centre

Newstead Industrial Estate  

(opposite Aldi)




    07775 963701


 Top Gear Valeting Centre Trentham  



Car Servicing Available :

MOT Preperation - Servicing - Repairs 

(Please contact us to pre book)





   Opening Hours   

Monday     Closed  

     Tuesday       9-5pm

 Wednesday       9-5pm

Thursday        9-5pm

Friday        9-5pm

Saturday       9-5pm 

Sunday     Closed  





Top Gear Car Wash & Valeting Centre are a professional, reliable company who take pride in providing the highest level of service to both domestic and commercial customers.  


We value your custom wanting you to return time and time again, which is reflected in the  service we supply to you. Our attention to detail is second to none and often overlooked by our competitors, we hand wash and towel dry vehicles using no harsh or acidic chemicals, offering a wide range of services at very competitive prices.



From bikes to caravans,  vans to HGV's, we offer anything from a basic wash to vehicle detailing - no job is to small or to big.





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